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Horse Fence

Safety is our first priority for our clients' animals. This will protect their investment for their horses, and keep the horses secure. For example: many horses are known for cribbing (chewing posts or rails), pawing and kicking against the side of the fence, rubbing their bodies against the fence, etc... We have the expertise to help and can build the perfect fence to protect your animal. 

Remember, horses were not made to be fenced in. There is no fence that is 100% safe for horses.

Some important things to consider when building a horse fence:

  • Having a fence lower than 5 feet, will allow horses to reach their necks over to eat grass on the other side.

  • The space between rails. You don't want their heads to fit in between the rails, which will create an unsafe situation for the horse.

  •  Injury to your horse due to fence hardware, or staples on the fence.
  • Hardware is a major concern if preventative measures are not taken for safety from erosion around the wood or steel posts that are set in concrete.

Our designs greatly reduce the likelihood of these occurrences. You have the option for woven wire, 1 or more rails, pressure-treated wood or plastic vinyl and electrification. All of our gates are custom made to fit our clients' needs. We can even provide electric fences.