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  1. Call USA(underground service alert) utilities company to ensure ground is clear for digging.
  2. Mark fence line and adjust with client.
  3. Clean vegetation (brush, poison oak, tree limbs off fence line).
  4. Dig post holes and disperse material.
  5. Set posts with concrete and make any necessary braces.
  6. Inspect work with client before wire and gates are installed.
  7. Finish installation of wire and gates.
  8. Final inspection with client.



All materials are the highest quality by A.T.S.M. (American Society for Testing and Materials).
Cal-West Fence gives all H.T.F. (high tensile fencing) a 10 year warranty for material and craftsmanship. Our material is USA made and documented. All wood posts are pressure-treated, and all steel posts are class 3 galvanized. We use Bekaert class 3 high tensile game fencing, that also includes a 40 year manufacturer warranty. Our gates are 1 -5/8" galvanized steel piping and 4x4" steel grid panels.